What Happened to That Love Review

by Adeena Jamal Ahmad on Jul 8, 2011

what happened love Review: What Happened to That Love? by Kailash Srinivasan
Price: Rs 125
Publication: Pustak Mahal

Verdict: Srinivasan’s understanding of love has many shades and they’re evident in his debut collection of 12 short stories.

Rating: 3/5

Kailash Srinivasan, with his debut novel, has surely created ripples with a collection of twelve stories that pertain to Love. The preconceived notion about the book could be how it will probably deal with cheesy romantic sagas. But no, the book has interpreted a different meaning of love altogether. Srinivasan has seen the several aspects of the word love that has many shades to woo you.

The language of the book is light. No flamboyant writing to show off. Simple words that perhaps express the true meaning of emotions. The beauty of the book is that every short story has touched a different aspect of love. There is no deep psychology that one has to interpret. It just highlights little felt emotions that one feels everyday but doesn’t really realize. Srinivasan has taken a sarcastic look at certain situations, interpreting the irony in many of them.

The only point that might not appeal to a reader is the cover of the book. Keeping in sync with the emotions it deals, the cover could be a little more appealing. However, the page quality and print is fine.

The set up of the book is based alternatively in India and Australia. The stories are breezy. The USP of the book is that it is an easy read. There is no unnecessary stretching. Precise is the operative word.

For a debutant writer, Kailash Srinivasan has hit the bull’s eye. His brief stories have delivered the right emotion. It is a relief from the recent genre of books that fail to click with readers. This quick read will not disappoint you.


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