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Introducing the second author from our upcoming Sincere Forms of Flattery, the dashing wordsmith, Kailash Srinivasan.

1. Describe yourself in three sentences. Each sentence can only contain six words. One of these sentences must contain alliteration.

Bookstore’s my Disneyland, stories, my ride.

Love laughingly lamenting lilting leads.

Drink, travel, live like its Yuletide.

2. What in God’s name made you want to be a writer?

I ask myself this very question every day. My father gave me a queer look when I said I wanted to pursue literature, instead of commerce or science, like he did. But he came around. I have always loved stories and can’t imagine being away from them. Not everyone has the time to listen to you speak your mind; Not everyone has the patience to keep quiet while you’re talking; Not everyone has the depth or maturity to unravel your mind, or the sensitivity to…

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