Book Reviews: Urban Shots Love Collection

Book Reviews: Urban Shots Love Collection. Click on the links to read more : “I enjoyed Kailash Srinivasan’s ‘High Time’ because of the dialogues primarily. Natural, funny and effortless…” – “Kailash Srinivasan’s a little off beat ‘High Time‘ humored me especially because of its South Indian stereotypes…” – “High Time – hilarious play of words and expressions that turn the tables…” – “High Time (Kailash Srinivasan) – A beautiful story which will leave you in the fits of laughter” “High Time, Kailash Srinivasan, for its use of humour and sarcasm” “High Time brings its giggles and smiles.   “Some other stories worth commenting are ‘High Time’ by Kailash Srinivasan” – “Kailash Srinivasan’s ‘High Time’ is a pleasant humorous take on the prelude to arranged marriage.”


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