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Be A Man, Do The Right Thing

The incident that happened in Guwahati, in the middle of the road, reeks of so many things. It speaks volumes about us as a society, about what we’ve turned into. The men who decided to grab and claw and squeeze and yank that teenage girl, whose only ‘fault’, perhaps, was visiting a pub, were all given birth to by women. They dragged her, stripped her in public, pulled her hair and molested her in full public view, while passers-by stood and watched.

Why did we stand and watch? Why did we let this happen? Because we’re afraid of being bashed by the mob? Because we don’t really give a f*ck? Because, hey, it wasn’t our daughter, sister, or girlfriend? Or because we felt titillated by a young woman being shamed in that fashion? Answer these questions. Think about it. The answer will reveal the kind of person you are.

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