Author of What Happened to That Love

– is a short story collection comprising 13 stories set in India and Australia, exploring life, death, love, ache, greed, hope, destiny, alienation, and the nature of rural and urban life, and the changes that come to us all.

“Written with a mixture of empathy and ironic distance, the stories don’t slip into sentimentality or pathos making the crisis and emotional anguish of the characters more powerful and poignant” – Prof. KimCheng Boey  (Newcastle Uni, Australia)

Second book – Just Another Do-Withoutable

To be released in 2012, published by Gyaana Books

Part of the short story anthology by GreyOak publishers

Urban Shots-Love Collection : The story is about a young Iyer boy who naively walks into a marriage set-up arranged by his parents.

Contributing to a literary anthology

To be e-published by O&S Publishing     in 2012:

O&S Publishing   

Chicken Soup Series of books

Chicken Soup (CS) for the Indian Friend’s Soul, CS for the Indian Soul at Work, CS for the Brother’s and Sister’s Soul

Story published by Bluslate Magazine

Is Umra Mein – story about a 60-year old man waiting at the hospital for his wife to conceive

Story published by Them Pretentious Basterds (Online literary magazine)

Deo Volente – story about a couple who apply for a home loan

Web Articles (MensXP)    

Web Content   


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