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Book Reviews: Urban Shots Love Collection

Book Reviews: Urban Shots Love Collection. Click on the links to read more :

http://crispingcanary.blogspot.in/2012/03/urban-shots-book-review.html “I enjoyed Kailash Srinivasan’s ‘High Time’ because of the dialogues primarily. Natural, funny and effortless…”

http://aspoonfullofworld.blogspot.in/2012/03/urban-shots-book-review.html – “Kailash Srinivasan’s a little off beat ‘High Time‘ humored me especially because of its South Indian stereotypes…”

http://flashnewstoday.com/index.php/urban-shots-the-love-collection/ – “High Time – hilarious play of words and expressions that turn the tables…”

http://prats.co.in/urban-shots-the-love-collection/ – “High Time (Kailash Srinivasan) – A beautiful story which will leave you in the fits of laughter”

http://dfuse.in/reviews-all/book-reviews/review-urban-shots-love-collection/ “High Time, Kailash Srinivasan, for its use of humour and sarcasm”

http://momofrs.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/book-review-urban-shots-the-love-collection/ “High Time brings its giggles and smiles.

http://twinklingtinawrites.blogspot.in/2012/03/book-review-urban-shots-love-collection.html   “Some other stories worth commenting are ‘High Time’ by Kailash Srinivasan”

http://www.bookchums.com/book/urban-shots-the-love-collection/9789381626474/MzE0MjA=.html# – “Kailash Srinivasan’s ‘High Time’ is a pleasant humorous take on the prelude to arranged marriage.”




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Twelve Yarn Read

Indian writers who write in English have grown by leaps and bound. Added to this list is Pune-based Kailash Srinivasan who has come out with his first debut novel titled What Happened to that Love, a collection of 12 short stories which cover almost a range of human emotions and issues.

Set in India and Australia, the novel is a difficult genre, in Srinivasan’s words. A communications manager at an automotive design school, Srinivasan has completed his Masters in Creative Writing from Macquarie University, Sydney.

•   What made you write this book and how would you define it?

I have wanted to be a writer ever since I can remember. I tried to get over it, but the urge kept getting stronger with every passing year.

Finally, I went to Macquarie University, Sydney, to do a Masters in Creative Writing. I wrote a lot during this period, which in more ways than one, helped in shaping me as a writer. This short story collection was my thesis. I would describe the book as a collection of stories that explores life, death, love, ache, greed, hope, destiny, alienation, fallacies, and the nature of rural and urban life, and the changes that come to us all.

•   Is it fiction or partly based on your experiences?

Inspiration for most of the stories in the novel, just happened to come from the most unlikeliest sources. For example, there is a piece, Anytime Now, about an old couple. The story gives the readers a little glimpse into their life.

I happened to go for a stroll in Eastwood (where I was staying at the time), when from across the street I see an old man slumped on the ground. He was struggling to get to his feet. His wife was backing her car. She was about to hit him and I could see him panic a little bit. I bolted down the road and helped the man. The inspiration for Ganga, which deals with poverty came from a song I was listening to.

That line just struck a chord with me. Similarly, I was quite disturbed with reports of  farmers committing suicides. Giver of Feasts is about zamindari system. Then, at the time the media was rife with reports on attacks on Indian students Down Under. Brownies sprung out of that. So not much of a personal experience, but rather a moving encounter or a strong image or something I heard on a train or a bus that has been the origin for most of the stories in this book.

•   Any particular story which you have connected the most with.

I have enjoyed writing every piece in this book, but if I have to pick one, it would have to be Anytime Now.

•   What makes writing special for you?

Writing for me is therapeutic. It is liberating. I can be what I can’t be in real life. At times, I find things about myself through my writing.

•   Your take on the current breed of Indian writers in English…

There are some great books that are being written and then there are some atrocious ones. Some are selling millions of copies with absolutely no substance in their books and claim to be the voice of India. But in a way I don’t blame the so called “writers”, I blame those who buy such sub-standard, mediocre literature and read it.

•   What sort of responses are you expecting for your debut book?

I expect my work to engage people emotionally, intellectually.

•   Your favourite authors…

An incomplete list would be Junot Diaz, Raymond Carver, Chekhov, VS Naipaul, Salman Rushdie.



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Praise for “What Happened to That Love”


Review by Seema

Saw glimpses of mine in ‘My hand’. ‘My black and blue birthday’ brought tears to my eyes. Jake and Jim (in What happened to that love) really makes one think about human relationships and filled me with sadness. ‘Gilligilli-jillijilli’ and ‘The giver of  feasts’ sent a chill up my spine..eerie. ‘Gratitude’ was a bit melodramatic subject.. Gopal in ‘What do I do’ was a very good portrait, complete with minute observations and humor.

All in all i liked the stories. All the best for your next release.



Review by Pierre Beaudoin

I was pleased to read your book, in one single sitting. I found you have an active, succinct and direct style which helps move on the narrative (isn’t this what short stories are all about?) and is a perfect match to the short story form.
There is definitely quite a lot of material to draw from in the Indian culture, especially it facing modernization and the contradictions, and I am certain that Western readers would be thrilled to read more of your stories.

Best of Luck.


Review by ajay
the cover: brilliantly dark and intriguing.
the stories: deliciously dark. I am still smacking my lips. The synopsis and the cover is what got my attention. I am so, so glad I picked this up. Can’t wait to read your second book.

Wow. what beautiful writing.
Review by kala
I cried my eyes out after I read the first piece, Anytime Now. So moving, so nicely written. I love the way you write. Can’t wait to read the other stories in the collection. ; )


Review by swarita
engrossing…kept me hooked for as many dayz as it took to finish it..each story amazingly different n unpredictable. d only grumble- its a lil stark..a lil bleak. more happy endings plz!


An excellent read!

Review by Gopi
A fantastic effort. Surprised to see a first time author display such maturity in handling complex themes. A must read and a must have for every short story aficionado.

Go buy your copy today

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What Happened To That Love? by Kailash Srinivasan, ISBN: 9788122311617 | Pustak Mahal

What Happened To That Love? by Kailash Srinivasan, ISBN: 9788122311617 | Pustak Mahal.

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